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Thyroid Science 1(1):C1-21, 2006

Thyroid Hormone
Replacement Therapies:
Ineffective and Harmful for
Many Hypothyroid Patients
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Dr. John C. Lowe*


Selected Response Letters

The document this page introduces is a formal critique by Dr. John C. Lowe. In it, he presents documentary evidence for the ineffectiveness and harm of thyroid hormone replacement for many hypothyroid patients.

The studies he critiques show that two studied types of replacement therapies were ineffective for many patients. Other studies, which Dr. Lowe cites, also show that patients using T4-replacement have an increased incidence of other diseases associated with hypothyroidism, and increased chronic use of drugs to control the symptoms of persisting hypothyroidism and those of other diseases.

Citation: Lowe. J.C.: Thyroid hormone replacement therapies: Ineffective and harmful for many hypothyroid patients. Thyroid Science, 1(1):C1-21, 2006.*

(*Originally published at and, May 4, 2004.)

(Full Text Free in pdf format)

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