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Copyright Transfer Agreement  
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Before Thyroid Science can publish any manuscript, the author or authors of the manuscript must sign a copy of this Copyright Transfer Agreement. If the manuscript has more than one author, each author must sign either the same Agreement form or each may sign a separate copy. Thyroid Science must receive the sign copy or copies before it can publish a paper.

The undersigned agree(s) to transfer the copyright of the below titled manuscript to McDowell Publishing Company, LLC, publisher of Thyroid Science. McDowell Publishing Company, LLC retains the right to republish the paper. However, the author or authors also retain the right to copy the published paper for personal use, republish it in another publication, sale it for republication, and to use excerpts of the published paper and graphs, charts, tables, and other figures in subsequent publications, as long as in the subsequent publication the author or authors cite Thyroid Science as the original publisher and includes the volume, pages, date of the original publication, and the webpage address of

By signing this Agreement, the author or authors certify that the content of the manuscript to be published does not infringe on any copyright or trademark of any other individuals, companies, corporations, or publications. If the author or authors do infringe on the copyright or trademark of any other individuals, companies, corporations, or publications, the author or authors accept that the infringement was committed in violation of this Agreement with Thyroid Science and McDowell Publishing Company, LLC and agree to pay all legal and other expenses resulting from the copyright or trademark violation.

If the manuscript was prepared at a government institution, the manuscript is therefore within the public domain, and is exempt from most copyright regulations. The author or authors agree to whatever rules fall within standard copyright regulations.

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Author or Coauthor:___________________________________________________________________
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We prefer electronic transmission of the Copyright Transfer Agreement. Authors may submit the form by email,  fax, or snail mail. If sending by email, please sign the Agreement, scan it, and attach it to the email. Thank you.        


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