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Thyroid Science is pleased to publish the following experimental clinical study. Readers can access the full text of the report for free:

Lowe, J.C., et al.: Lower resting metabolic rate and basal body temperature of fibromyalgia patients compared to matched healthy controls. Thyroid Science, 1(9):CLS1-18, 2006. Abstract | Free Full Text (pdf format*)
(If you have troubling downloading the pdf file, please update to latest version of Adobe Reader)

Readers interested in the report above may also want to download the report of a similar study by the same authors. Readers can access the full text of that report, published at Medical Science Monitor, for free:

Lowe, J.C., Yellin, J., et al.: Female fibromyalgia patients: lower resting metabolic rates than matched healthy controls. Medical Science Monitor, 12(8):CR1-CR8, 2006. (Free Full Text)

Readers interested in previously published studies and other papers by Dr. John C. Lowe, Jackie Yellin, and their colleagues can read the abstracts and request reprints from the authors:

Best wishes,
Brian Bonner,
Managing Editor
Thyroid Science

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