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Thyroid Science 4(11):CLS1-3, 2009

Study of Various Treatment Modalities in 107
Cases of Solitary Thyroid Nodule in Central India

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Dr Anil Sunkara, MBBS1 Dr Kiran Kher, MS (General Surgery)2

1Resident. 2Professor
Department of Surgery, Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College
Sawangi (Meghe), Wardha 442004, Maharashtra, India

*Correspondence: Dr. Anil Sunkara Mobile: 091-9960413456

: Introduction. The Solitary thyroid nodule is defined as a palpably discrete swelling within an otherwise apparently normal gland and is usually a benign lesion. Screening of large numbers of patients previously unsuspected of having goitre suggests that the incidence of isolated thyroid nodule in the general population may be of the order of 1% to 5%. Despite of the high frequency of thyroid nodule in the general population, the occurrence of thyroid carcinoma in solitary thyroid nodule is rare (5-20% OR 40/1 million). It is thus a challenge to select from this large group of patients with thyroid nodules, those who require further investigation and perhaps surgical therapy. Aims & Objectives. To evaluate the various treatment modalities in solitary thyroid nodules with minimal morbidity. Materials and methods. The patients were subjected to aspiration, hemi thyroidectomy, subtotal or total thyroidectomy depending upon the clinical sonographic and cytologic diagnosis and the surgeons preference. Observations. Thus various therapeutic procedures were performed on all 107 cases. The cystic nodules which disappeared on aspiration were discharged and followed up on regular intervals. The rest of the cases underwent hemi thyroidectomy, total and subtotal based on the size, gland involvement and cytology. Conclusion. Preoperative evaluation with ultrasound and fine needle aspiration cytology can minimize the extent of surgery to be performed. Most of the times the solitary thyroid nodule harbors a benign pathology.

Keywords. Fine-needle aspiration cytology Thyroidectomy Thyroid nodule

Sunkara, A. and Kher, K.: Study of Various Treatment Modalities in 107
Cases of Solitary Thyroid Nodule in Central India. Thyroid Science, 4(11):CLS1-3, 2009.

Full Text Free in pdf format

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