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Thyroid Science 1(12):C1-2, 2006

A Letter to the Editor of The
Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism
by John Dommisse, MDóRejected. Why?

An Introduction by Dr. John C. Lowe
Thyroid Science
Dr. Dommisse's Rejected Letter

I would like for subscribers of Thyroid Science to read Dr. John Dommisse's superbly-written, well-documented, and highly-relevant Letter to the Editor of JCEM. He wrote it at the same when I, like he, felt compelled to critique several research groups' comparisons of T4 replacement to combined T4/T3 replacement.

After reading his letter, I would then like for our subscribers to ask an important  question: Why did the Editor of JCEM reject his letter for publication? My answer is this: for the same reasons we christened Thyroid Science, specifically naming it a journal dedicated to truth in thyroid science and thyroid clinical practice.

I admire Dr. Dommisse for his courageous activism on several fronts in clinical thyroidology. One of those fronts is what I am convinced is corporation-driven censorship by conventional endocrinology journals such as JCEM. And I strongly recommend that our subscribers read his letter and share it with others who are likely find it of value.

Dr. Dommisse's Rejected Letter


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